2013. július 1., hétfő

Barbie As An Architect

Well, this is the very first time when I bought a new doll in a box - just for the accessories!
(Picture is from the seller.)

1. Black glasses: I have almost the same black glasses too so I always wanted to by one for Jane :D
2. Jacket: I love this one!
3. House mockup: It is pink... So first time when I looked at this picture I thought it is a toy house. So it will be a toy house for Emma :)))
4. Boots: Jane hasn't got any boots. Until now :)
5. Helmet: Now I know what kind of job will fit Colin - he will be an architect :)
6. Plan tube: I will repaint this pink tube so it will go for Colin, too!
7. Dress: it isn't so exciting but Barbie can't have enough outfits ;) Maybe this will go for Barbara Howard because of its colours.

And that is about 13$ with shipping. Ebay has this set over 22$ so I thought it was a good deal :) 

Oh, and what to do with Barbie doll herself? I didn't want another new girl for a while. Maybe I will sell her. 

And last here is a few funny criticisms of this set from the internet. What do You think about them? :) 



4 megjegyzés:

  1. I think it is great, I just love those accessories even if the drawing tube and house is pink. Great find and great buy!

  2. Az építész Barbihoz jár pici ház?? Kell nekünk is! ;)

    1. Valójában a pici ház miatt figyeltem fel a készletre!!! :)) Ha megérkezik, készítek közelebbi fotókat róla! :)