2013. július 20., szombat

New Dresses

Our girls got new outfits yesterday! Jane got a little purple dress and I think it looks great with the black jacket from the architect set!

The jacket has purple seam on the side, the same colour as the dress!

These girls officially belong to my daughter: Alice Andersson and and the architect lady :) Aren't they pretty?

Elinor has the outfit I like the most, I think this colour fits very well to her lipstick :) I think Jane will borrow it sometimes from her sister-in-law.

The outfits I am the happiest with: the ones of Barbara and her daughter. I have to tell You that Barbara had never any Barbie outfits! She came in a green-pink swimsuit and has just homemade dresses... So she really deserves it!!

The dark purple jacket is really her style but the pants and blouse are very nice, too!
The outfit her daughter wears is an adult dress but I think it fits Henrietta and will be a perfect school uniform. What do You think about it? Hetty is a very charming little lady and this is her second dress...

Tara got a new romantic look. This will be good for a date, I think... :)

These sweaters are the odd: they are made by my mother! We are preparing for autumn :)

This is our whole collection :) I LOVE them!

5 megjegyzés:

  1. Hello from Spain: you have a large collection of dolls. I really like sweaters Ken is wearing. Beautiful dresses .. Keep in touch

  2. Your collection is growing leaps and bounds. Congrats on getting new clothes. Every woman needs a diverse wardrobe. I love the sweaters your mother made.

  3. Cuki a csoportkép, a mieink már nem férnek így el, de ez olyan kis meghitt <3 Anyukád nagyon ügyes!

  4. Love Jane's outfit with the jacket! And the guys sweaters is really nice!