2017. június 10., szombat

Back To The Plans

After the birthday dinner guests came to Rosemary Hill: John (Jane's older brother) and his whole family. While the boys went to the garden to play football, the girls stayed in the house to talk a bit. 

Lizzy brought a giant bear with her.
Lizzy: This is for April. I chose it in the toy store.
Emma: He is nice. What is his name?
Lizzy: I don't know. April should name him.
Emma: She can't speak, Lizzy. I am sure she would name him Winnie. But I have a Winnie already so I think Paddington would be fine...

Jane: So good to see you again!
Elinor: We miss you, too! But you know how much work is it with three kids... Especially when you have a son like Danny...
Jane: I can imagine that...

Lizzy: Po!
Emma: Oh, nooo, Po is a bamboo bear. Black and white.
Lizzy: Than Yogi Bear. He is brown.
Emma: My favorite is Boo Boo.
Lizzy: Mine is Cindy. But she is a girl. Are you sure it is a boy bear?
Emma: Yes. She is brooown.
Lizzy: Rupert is also a boy but he isn't brown. He is white.
Emma: No, he is grey.

Elinor: And what about the wedding?
Jane: It is time to spin everything. Charles has a cousin, Francie, who is a wedding planner. She comes to town next week so we can discuss about it. Nevertheless we don't want to make too big event.
Elinor: I can understand it. And your dress?

Jane: I have a sweet friend, who helped me find the best one. Her name is Elora Sheperd. The dress will be beautiful... And white...
Elinor: Finally, a wedding in white dress! I remember, when you and Mark... Well, you didn't have a normal outfit then.
Jane: We didn't have the money or the time for that. Mark was before a tour with his band.
Elinor: Oh, yes... I am sorry to speak about it...
Jane (laughing): Never mind! It was true! But that is history now.
Elinor: John and me are always talking about how good is that you two are so happy together.

Jane: And you? Is everything all right?
Elinor: Yes... Perhaps...
Jane: Perhaps what???
Elinor: Nothing, really. Let's talk about the big day. Would you like bridesmaids?...

Emma: Oh that is hopeless..
Lizzy: So let's name him Big Brown Bear.
Emma: That is boooring...

Lizzy: Okay, I don't have any idea. Maybe we should let April to choose a name.
Emma: It will take a long time.
Lizzy: After all, this is HER toy bear.
Emma: Okay. Let's see what Willy and Danny play outside with Chazzy and Uncle John.
Lizzy: That was your best idea today.

And the girls let April to play alone inside with Mommy and Aunt Elinor. With Bunny, who also don't have a proper name...

To be continued... :) 

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  1. Nagyon klassz rész! Imádom, ahogy a csajok megbeszélik a maci nevét. Annyira cuki!

  2. Esküszöm, megfordult a fejemben, hogy a ruha elkészült, vagy csak terveztem? :D Hiába, no a kor :) Örülök hogy újra rendszeresen írsz, szeretem olvasni a sztorit :*

  3. Jajj, annyira hiányoztak már Jane-ék, nagyon örülök a folytatásnak! Emma milyen nagylány már. :)
    Gratulálok az első saját otthonotokhoz, nagyon izgalmas lehet!

  4. What a nice story. I really like the photos:)