2017. január 1., vasárnap

1th January 2017

After celebrating the new year, this is the first breakfast - almost lunch in 2017. The family is full of plans for the future.

Charles: ...So we have to renew the house in Spring.
Jane: I know. And Sweetie turns one so soon... I would like to take a little break in April to celebrate her first birthday calmly.
Charles: Of course. We don't have to hurry so much, her birthday is more important. Emma, you want some more juice?
Emma: Yes, thank you.

Jane: And what about the wedding's date? Your parents have asked me a few days ago if we did the decision yet.
Charles: What would you think for the best day?
Jane: I think June would be fine.
Charles: Okay. I am not so good at wedding planning, what are the first steps?
Jane: Don't worry, I will call some places to find the proper restaurant and will call the registrar, too.

Charles: Do we need a wedding planner?
Jane: I don't know... I have to think about it... Maybe it will be too expensive.
Charles: ...Oh, I almost forgot it! I have a cousin, Francie, who is a wedding planner. I haven't seen her for ages... I can call her if you want.
Jane: A cousin?? It would be great!! Emma, dear, eat the radish too, please. 

Charles: Francie and me spent the holidays always together in the house of our grandparents. Chris was much more younger than us so it seemed that I had an older sister. These were great holidays...
Jane: Oh, I would love to meet her. 
Charles: I will call Mom later to ask her telephone number.
Jane: So with a little bit of luck I will have some help for organizing everything. So can you look after the house?

Charles: Yes. Yours the wedding and mine the house, it is a big deal. Christopher promised to help me.
Jane: And you know that John is also always ready for join. Just call him, too.
Charles: All right. Mom for the phone number, Francie for the big day and John for the house. Fine. Just do not forget.
Jane (laughing): I will remind you anyway.

Emma: Will you have a white dress on the wedding day?
Jane: I am not sure. You know, I had a white dress once...
Emma: I know, I saw it on the picture with Daddy.
Jane: Maybe I choose a blue one, or a pale pink...
Emma: Nooo, a bride HAVE to wear a white dress, Mom!!
Jane: We will see...
Charles: I do not understand it but I think you would be beautiful in any colour!
Jane: Thank you, dear...

So the family finished the breakfast and enjoyed the new year's first day together. Jane and Charles both knew that there are very busy months ahead...

To be continued... :) 

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  1. Happy New Year! So nice to see the family together. That room is beautiful. The fireplace and the Christmas tree add the perfect ambiance.

    1. Thank You so much, Vanessa! :) I made the fireplace with the help of a MyFroggyStuff tutorial. I would like to make them a real home with walls but I have to move in Spring so the dollhouse project have to wait, too :) Until then they take place in the corner of our living room :)