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The April Child

Jane: So, you told her.
Charles: Yes, I have just spoken with mom.
Jane: And what did you say exactly?
Charles: I said that in April she will be the grandmother of a beautiful, sweet, golden haired ... baby girl.
Jane (smiling): And what if she won't be golden haired?
Charles: I will thinking of that problem. But mom won't be so disappointed I suppose.
Jane: Was she happy?
Charles: Of course! After two bad boys... What do you think?
Jane: Were you both bad children? I  can't believe it.
Charles: You don't believe I was a naughty boy?
Jane: Of course, you was! I don't believe it about Christopher!
(both laughing)

Charles: Is everything all right? 
Jane: Yes, just my spine is aching.
Charles: It is becoming more common.
Jane: It is just a little nuisance...
Charles: Don't say that. Please be careful.
Jane: The doctor said... Thank you. So he said I should stop working in the library.
Charles: I agree. You have to stop climbing ladders and bringing heavy books.

Jane: I know. I don't do that for some time. But I feel that it will be harder and harder. So I will speak with my principal. She is already looking for a new colleague.
Charles: This will be the best. You can stay at home and get ready with the necessary stuffs.

Jane: I think we need some changes in the bedroom. Elinor said that she can give us Danny's old bed and pram.
Charles: Make a list about the things we have to buy. I don't really know what we need.
Jane: I will make the list. I will ask mom if she has any of Emma's baby clothes. I don't remember where we put them after the divorce.
Charles: We can buy new clothes, it isn't a problem.

Jane: You are so sweet. But Emma had some really nice and useful dress just like new ones. I would like to know whether we still have them or not.
Charles: Okay. So what about the names? Did you find one or two?
Jane: I think I like Charlotte, Anne and Cecily. But I don't really know...What about yours?

Charles: Uhh... I think... Julia... Kate... Umm... Emily...
Jane: Emily is not so good because of Emma...
Charles: Oh, really. But I don't like Cecily... I had a classmate who was very teasing...
Jane: Oh...

Charles: But we still have time...
Jane: Till April...
Charles: Till April. Do you think she is listening to us?
Jane: At the moment? I think she is sleeping...  She will wake up right after I go to bed.
Charles: You want me to talk to her little head?
Jane: You can make a try...

Jane: I love you, daddy...
Charles: I love you, beautiful mommy. More than life.
Jane: It sounds so good... Tell me more.
Charles: I will tell you every day till the end of my life.
Jane: Sssshhh... Don't say that way, my love.
Charles: You don't have to worry. I will always be with you.

Jane: With me and our April child. 
Charles: Always. 

To be continued... :)

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  1. Ó, igen, mikor megyek aludni, ő felkel... Ismerős :) Együtt tudok érezni Jane-el, szerencsére nekem már csak hat hetem van a nehezéből :)

    1. :) :) Most már az hamar el fog telni :) Vigyázz Magadra, sok puszi!!

  2. Aww, cute story! Charles is going to be quite the doting father!

    1. :D Oh yes, I think so :) Thank You, Phyllis!

  3. Hello from Spain: great story. Nice pics. Keep in touch

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