2015. július 12., vasárnap

New Family Members

It was early in summer. The garden was shady and quiet. Jane, Charles and Emma went out hours ago...

But there, they are all at home again! Wait! Whose feet can be seen under the street door?

Twoo dogs! A dachshund and a golden retriever puppy. The little one looks very excited. Emma hardly can keep him beside her.

Jane: Come here, let me help take off the leash.
Emma: No, I can do it alone.
Jane: Are you sure? Okay...

Jane: There, good boy. Come here, Hercule!
Emma: Prince! Stay here! Stay here!
Jane: Charles Dear, please, bring a bowl of water for the puppies!

Charles: Here is the water, Prince. Emma, let me help. Here we go.
Emma: Thank you! Oh, no, Prince, it is for drink!

Emma: Good Prince! No, no, not for bath!

Jane: Let him, Emma. He feels hot and likes to splash.

Emma (laughing): Mommy, he wants to lick my cheek!
Jane: He gave you a kiss.

Emma: Look Prince, this is Hercule. He will take care of you when I am not at home. Mommy, Prince and Hercule already likes each other!

Jane: Thank you for taking us to the animal shelters. Emma is so happy with her puppy.
Charles: Prince is a funny little dog. He already loves Emma. 
Jane (laughing): Prince and his little Princess! But I never thought that we will come home not just one but two dogs...
Charles: I knew that it was love for the first sight. The caregiver told me that Hercule was very sad because of his owner's death but he quickly followed you.
Jane: I couldn't leave him there. Did you hear that he got his name after Hercule Poirot? 
Charles: Yes. It is rumored Hercule has a good nose. So are you happy? 
Jane: Very happy. I love you. 
Charles: I love you too. 

To be continued... :) 

(These dogs are Bullyland figurines, I think their size is just perfect for Barbie dolls!) 


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  1. Awe, what cute puppies! Jane is like me, I have a hard time going to the animal shelter without bringing something home. I used to volunteer for a dog rescue and all my dogs have been rescues!

  2. Awwww, I love this post! You did a great job on the scenery and making the dogs seem so life like. They are both adorable. That Dachsund is just priceless. Emma is in heaven.