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Little Ballerina

This Saturday Emma had her very first ballet performance since she learn to dance. There were many little ballerinas from the pre-school, but Jane didn't see anyone else just her little Princess. She took many pictures of her.

Emma was the youngest, but did a very great job. Mark and Melanie also joined to watch her dance and her Daddy was really proud.

 After the show Emma run straight to her father's arms.

Emma: Daddy, did you see me?
Mark: Of course, we all loved your dance. You were very skillful!
Emma: So can we go to the playground now?
Mark We will ask Mommy. Mel, don't you mind?
Melanie: No, it would be fun.

Jane and Charles came after they talked with Ms. Taylor, the owner of the dance school, Emma's teacher.
Mark: Janey, what are your plans for today?
Jane: We haven't talked about it. Do you have an idea?
Mark: Can we bring Emma to the playground? She would like it very much.
Jane: All right. When will you bring her home?
Mark: Before six o'clock. We play tonight with the band. Season is open now.

Jane: Right. Now, come on, Emma, you have to go for your dress. A few minutes and we are ready.
Melanie: Can I come with you girls?
Jane: Sure! Let's go, Princess!

Charles: So you have much work now.
Mark: Yes, we play at least 5-6 times a week. I never fall into bed before two in the morning.
Charles: It sounds like college years...
Mark (laughing): Yes but I had much strenght then, we didn't need sleep.
Charles: So is it grueling?
Mark: Sometimes. I wake up at ten in the morning, have lunch with Melanie then go preparing for the night with the band or travel to new towns. 
Charles: So Melanie stays at home?
Mark: She works at Blue Owl, so she also lives 'nightlife'. We match very well, I think. And you? Is everything all right?
Charles: Oh, yes. We slowly furnish our new home. I never thought it would be so exciting.
Mark: I am glad to hear that. Jane is a great girl, she really deserves calm and happy life.
Charles: I know...

Jane and Melanie came back. Emma went to her Daddy and they said goodbye each other.

At home Charles decided to order a pizza. They both were very hungry. The pizza was great and they started chatting.

Jane: You were talking while we dressed up Emma, weren't you?
Charles: Yeah. Mark seems to be very busy. I don't think I would like that kind of life.
Jane: I can understand it...
Charles: Was it hard to live with a musician?
Jane: Before Emma was born it was so much simple. I didn't care that we don't have a normal life. Then I was more and more times alone.
Charles: And with a kid, he couldn't stay at home more?
Jane: No but I think he wouldn't like to give up all of this.
Charles: Because of why? Did he tell you?
Jane: Not really. But I could feel. It is his life. I was always just second in the line.
Charles: Were you mad at him?
Jane: Never. I got to know him when he was already famous. Just I didn't know that it is not the life I would like to live.

Charles: But you didn't left him. Why?
Jane: Because I loved him. I thought I can stay and get used to live with him.
Charles: And he? Didn't love you anymore?
Jane: No, I think he loved me. Loved me more than let me became depressed. And maybe the baby was too scary for him. He loves Emma but... Not a family-oriented man.
Charles: I see that he loves Princess. Just I was curious... He still calls you Janey with a warmth in his voice... I hope it don't hurts you...
Jane: No... Actually... I was very lucky. I can thank Mark my daughter... and you also. If he wouldn't left me I never came to Rosemary Hill and never met you...
Charles: Don't even talk about this. It would have been the biggest loss in my life.
Jane: Are you sure?
Charles (smiling): Of course, Babe.

After a long evening they spent with each other in love and happiness, Emma came home. Mark was in a hurry so they couldn't invite him into the house. But Emma had a little surprise there.
Charles: Look, Princess, I've made some cakes and doughnut for you.
Emma: My favorite! Thank you!!!
Jane: His latest recepies! Charles will be our home chef!
Emma: Yesssss!! And all is mine!!

They had lots of fun together.

To be continued... :)

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  1. Cute story. It is good that Mark and Jane still have a good friendship. Very interesting that Melanie went with Jane and Emma shopping and that Mark and Charles had a very deep conversation.

  2. Nagyon tetszenek a fotóid! Emma egy kis tündér, ahogy táncol a színpadon! Nagyon tetszik a konyhád, mikor nézem a fotókat eszembe sem jut, hogy nem igazi emberi méretű, olyan mint az igazi. Nagyon várom a következő részt!

  3. Igazi balerina Emma! Nagyon jó ötlet.

  4. Emma was so cute as a ballerina. Seems like everyone had a great day. Life with a musician is tough, but it's hard to expect someone to give up what they love. I think it's easier when both people are musicians. At least Jane has been blessed with a new love.

  5. Hello from Spain: Emma is a lovely dancer. Great performance. Nice photos. I like the kitchen.We keep in touch