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V's Day, Part One: The New Family Member

It was 14th February, Valentine's Day.
Jane had a day off. Emma was with her father, Mark, so she decided to go to Elinor. Her baby was born ten days ago, on 4th February, but Jane couldn't visit them in the hospital because she was ill then.

Jane woke up and looked at her mobile. Nothing from Charles. He must be very busy.

It was 8 o'clock, time to get up.
"Should I send him a Valentine message?" Jane wasn't sure. They never talked about this and she didn't know if Charles loved this Valentine's Day stuff...

However, she had plans for the weekend. Mark would like to spend Saturday and Sunday with his daughter (and new girlfriend Jane thought), so she can go anywhere with Charles. Maybe they can rent a little room in the hills...

And finally she can meet her newborn nephew! She wanted to hold a baby in her arms again so much...

Two hours later Jane arrived to John and Elinor's home. Her sister-in-law was alone sitting in the baby room.
Jane: Hello, Elinor!
Elinor: Hello, Janey!

Jane: Good to see you again! How are you?
Elinor: I am a bit tired but fine. Your mom will come to help me in the weekend.
Jane: And where is my little Prince?

Elinor: There he is, meet the youngest Westley in the family!
Jane: He is awake!

Jane: Oh, hello little sweetheart! How tiny are you! Shall I pick him up?
Elinor: Of course you can, auntie!

Jane: Well, hello, little Prince! Little Daniel! I am your auntie. Look at his bright eyes and little nose!

Jane: Look, this is your new bunny. Hello, Danny cutie pie!
Elinor: He already loves this bunny.

Elinor fed Daniel and gave him back to Jane. Auntie laid him on her shoulder and gently rubbed his back.
Jane enjoyed it very much. It was like a thousand years ago, when Emma was in the same age.

Daniel felt asleep soon, so Jane could give their gifts to Elinor.
Jane: These are old toys from Emma. I know you gave away Lizzy's earlier.
Elinor: Thank you, Jane! Yes, I gave them to my friend's baby girl because we never thought about a third child...

Elinor: But now we are so happy. I see how proud John is.
Jane: A baby is the biggest gift of life. You are a lucky couple.
Elinor: Yes, we are.
Jane: Your new ring is beautiful.
Elinor: Thank you. John surprised me in the hospital. We both wept that day.
Jane: Does John arrive late today?
Elinor: No, he promised me to arrive soon. Can you stay and wait him?
Jane: I don't know yet. I am waiting for a phone call from Charles.
Elinor: For a romantic night?
Jane: I don't know. We will see...

To be continued... :)

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  1. Hello from Spain: a baby is always a joy. I really like the bed. Great room. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

  2. Nagyon tetszik a történet! A pici baba nagyon cuki! Kíváncsi lennék arra, hogy Emma mit szól a picihez!

  3. Gratulálok a kismamának! Jó kis történetet kerekítettél nekünk. Várom a meglepetést, mi történik a továbbiakban.

  4. Hola, que bonitas fotos, un nene es una bendicion, seguro sera muy querido, y cuidado.

  5. Cute story. Congrats to Jane and welcome to baby Daniel.

  6. Jujj, olyan cukik! Én is kíváncsi vagyok, mit szól majd Emma a babához, rmélem, hamarosan jön a folytatás!