2014. február 6., csütörtök

New Additions :)

I was so lucky that I could add many new dolls to my collection! Here SHE is, my current favorite doll. I thought I name her Vanessa, after one of my inspirational, favorite blogger! Hugs, Vanessa! :)

And she is her daughter! A Simba Evi doll, have You ever seen her??? Me never! I was really surprised to find her! She is a really cutie pie!

Mother and daughter... Hmmm... I need a daddy...

They came from two different places, but don't You think they have matching outfits? :) As if they were always a family :)

I have bought some nice dresses, one of them is this green shirt with flowers and a white puppy. I think it fits Vanessa very well!

And this is her new cardigan made by my mother. :)

Look!! Do You see something different in this picture?? :) Yes! Tara has a new body! Finally she is articulated, hurray! :) That was my second head-swap.

Tara has a new blouse, too. And look at Jane's new outfit: I got a great purchase of about 100 pieces of clothes! She wears those from this huge package!

And here are the body-donors: Mark's new girlfriend and her twin sister, Sasha. They both wear pieces from 'the hundred pieces package'... :)

And they also: Granny, Willy and Emma :)

Summer in red and Mom-made cardigan :) Elinor... Wait a minute... Something is different on her... Oh, that will be the next chapter, soon ;)

My first Barbie, with her daughter :) Aaaaand new dresses :)))

Another new addition is this girl...

Why is she by Charles Brandon's side? (Charles also wears Mom-made vest :) ) Who is she???

Well, she is an AVON Strawberry Barbie in her original outfit, with a fake flower to cover a hole on her shirt...
And last but not least: she is my daughter's newest doll, Princess Anneliese from the tale Princess and the Pauper. She can sing :) My daughter loves her very much! :)

That is all for today, but I hope I can continue soon :)

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  1. Gratulálok a sok új dologhoz, ezek a ruhák nagyon csinosak a kardigánok csodás darabok. A néger babák különösen szépek, elég ritkán lehet beszerezni.

  2. Hola, todo es muy bonito, excelentes adquisiciones, siempre dan mucha emocion, hasta pronto.

  3. Nagyon csinik a babák az új ruhákban! Az új babáid pedig, nagyon szépek!

  4. Hello from Spain: great purchase. I like your new Barbie Vanessa. She has nice long hair .. Keep in touch

  5. Yay, I love your new Vanessa doll and her daughter. I'm so honored to be a part of Rosemary Hill. Love all the other new additions, too. Your mom does a wonderful job on those sweaters.