2013. június 2., vasárnap


It was a rainy sunday afternoon. Barbara prepared to go to the cinema with her friends.

Barbara: After the movie we will go to a restaurant for dinner. I hope you won't be bored.
James: Don't be afraid, Colin will pop in for a few hours. 

Barbara: That's okay. Kisses to Colin.
James: Have a great time, Honey!

A few hours later:
James: Thanks for wisiting, Colin.   
Colin: It was great to meet. We should go somewhere next week.
James: It is a good idea. There is a new pub, but I don't know its name.
Colin: All right, we will see.

Colin: Wait a minute! Who... Who is that girl?
James: Where?... I see. She is Jane, our new neighbour, with somebody else... But why?...
Colin: I can't believe it...

Jane: I am so glad you could visit us again!
Tara: Me too! I missed you so much.

Jane: Look, there is my neighbour, James, he is Barbara's husband. Hello, James!
Tara: Jane... I can't believe it...
Jane: What is the matter?

Tara: He is... I met him in the shop.
Jane: Oh, is he the realtor?
Tara: No, no, he is somebody else, I don't know his name, but...
Jane: They are coming!

James: Hello, meet my friend, Colin.
Colin: My name is Colin MacNeil.
Jane: Nice to meet you! I am Jane Westley and she is my friend, Tara.
Tara: Tara Fay Rivers. 

Colin: We met before...
Tara, Yes, I remember, in my shop.
Colin: It was two weeks ago... I loved that place.
Tara: Thank you.

Colin: Are you going home now? Can I take you with me? My car is there.
Tara: Okay, thanks.

Tara and Colin said goodbye and got in the car. Wondering what they are talking about?...

Colin came last week. I like his hair but needs a rubber ring to fix it. He was born also in 1968 but I don't know what kind of set is he from. He came with the dresses seen on the pictures.
As You can see James has new dresses, too, which I bought years ago and almost forget.

AND some news: today I have bought a TODD figure! I hope he will arrive in a week or so but he has no clothes. I don't mind, finally I could get a doll from my wishlist! :) Guess what will be his role in my story :) 

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Tara is one lucky girl.

    And will Todd be Jane's brother? (she needs someone special though too).

    1. Yes, she is :)
      Todd will be Jane's nephew, son of John and Elinor, older brother of Lizzy :)

  2. Jujj, de cuki az új fiútok!! :) Gratulálok Todd-hoz!

    1. Köszönöm! :) Nem is gondoltam, hogy ennyi babát akarok majd beszerezni... És hogy rövid időn belül ennyire megugrik a számuk itthon :)))