2013. június 23., vasárnap

Breakfast In The Garden

On this Sunday morning the temperature was lower so Jane decided to have breakfast in the garden.

Emma was very happy, and brought her favorite toys.

Jane filled the glasses with orange juice and they began to talk about summer plans. Jane tried to explain her daughter what summer holiday is.
Jane: ... and you don't have to go to nursery and mommy don't go to work. Lizzy and Willy will come to play with you. 

Emma: And Granny? 
Jane: Yes, and Granny, too. 
Emma: And Daddy? 

Jane: Yes, Daddy will come, too. 
Emma: Where is Daddy? 
Jane: He is on tour. He was in Miami and now he is at a place called Jamaica. 

Emma: Maica? 
Jane: Jamaica.
Emma: Maica.
Jane got up for a moment to see the bush she replanted yesterday. It had bright green and healthy leafs. Jane was happy, she loves to work with plants.

Jane enjoyed this morning very much. There was a light breeze and the sun was covered in white clouds. The air smelled good. 

Emma has finished her breakfast and Jane had a surprise for her. 

Jane: Here you are, an ice cream.
Emma: Smurfs!! Thanks Mommy!

Emma: It is yummy!!

(Thanks for the fantastic handmade food to a real artist Sonja, for the grapes to my dear friend Pornphan and for the four little potted plants to dear Courtney!)

P.S.: Mark Lewin is really in Jamaica at the moment... I wonder when he will arrive :) Soooo excited!!! :))

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  1. Nagyon aranyos történet! Szépek a képek!

  2. very cute, Emma is a sweetie pie. Cant wait for Mark to arrive

  3. Húha, jó messziről jön Mark!! Olyan jégkrém ide is jöhetne :D

    1. Messziről bizony, tegnap ért New Yorkba :)
      Ugye, milyen élethű a jégkrém? Még a Barbie-mániám előtt kaptam a miniatűr kajákat, de Emmának pont megfelelő méret :)

  4. Hello from Spain: I like your breakfast in the garden. Shelly is very cute. I have the same house and is one of my favorites. Stunning furniture. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks a lot! :) I love this house now, too :)

  5. Nice to see mom and daughter spending a lovely breakfast together. I can imagine that Shelley is missing her father horribly. I know I can't wait to meet him.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! She miss her father very much so I am excited when he will arrive... He is in New York now... Still so far...