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Hopes And Plans

On this Sunday Jane's brother John and his wife decided to do a little Christmas shopping, so Perla went to take care of her three grandchildren. On the way home John and Elinor stopped by to say hello. Jane was very happy because she didn't see her brother for a long time.

Elinor: Jane, so good to see you. You are beautiful! Let me congratulate!
Jane: Thank you, Elinor. How are you?
Elinor: I am very well now, it was so good to go out from home a bit. 

Elinor went to congratulate to Charles, so John could step closer to give his sister a big hug.

John: Janey, I am so happy to see you gladsome.
Jane: I am, I could not be happier, really.

John: Hey, Bro! You will be father, man! I wish you all the best.
Charles: Thank you, John.
John: Father and husband of my little sis. Take care of her and let me know if you need any help.
Charles: Thanks. I really appreciate your offer.
John: We are family. That is self-evident.

Jane: Don't you talk a bit in the living room? I will bring you something to drink. 
John: Don't you mind? 
Jane: Oh, no. We also have some things to talk about with Elinor. Emma is in her room, please say hello to her. I think she didn't hear the doorbell. 
John: Okay, fine.

John: I go with Charles, Babe.
Elinor: Bye, Darling, I will be here. Go now, let me chatting.

Jane: A cup of tea?
Elinor: Yes, thank you. It smells delicious. What is its name?
Jane: It is a Christmas fruit tea, my favorite.

Elinor: What a big surprise: the wedding and the baby! You are a lucky woman, Jane.
Jane: I think I am. I finally have everything I need. A loving partner, a house, and now, a second child.
Elinor: ... and dogs! (Both laughing) When will he or she born?
Jane: In the end of April.
Elinor: And the big day?
Jane: The wedding? The baby stirred it a bit. We are thinking of May or June, after the birth.

Elinor: And what if you marry before the birth? There are faboulos wedding gowns for expectant mothers, too. 
Jane: I know, but we don't want to hurry. We still have many things to do with the house. 
Elinor: Oh, I understand. And what about Charley's parents and family? 
Jane: They also don't care I think. His mother is very happy. She calls us every week to ask if everything is all right?
Elinor: Isn't is too much? 
Jane: No, absolutely. She is a very warm-hearted woman. This will be their first grandchild. She is just a bit sad that they live so far from us. 

Elinor: Good to hear. Mmm, this cake is yummy.
Jane: Charles made it.
Elinor: What a lucky woman indeed! With a loving and cooking husband! And the decorating is yours if I am not mistaken.
Jane: Yes, it is. Just the last year's advent's wreath, with new candles.
Elinor: I love it! With the kids I don't really have time to do such things.
Jane: How are they?
Elinor: Willy is a good boy. He is just a bit shy. John worries a bit but we can't do anything. He is the best student in the class after all. Daniel is absolutely his opposite.
Jane: Really?
Elinor: Danny is like a two years old hellion. Headstrong and loud.
Jane: Like his father!
Elinor: I can imagine John was the same in his childhood. Your mother told me this and that.
Jane: And Lizzy?
Elinor: Oh, she is like a real middle child. We barely hear her voice. She would like to join to Willy but he don't let her, so Lizzy tries to play with Danny but she always looses the games... She misses Emma so much.
Jane: I know. Emma also misses her.

Emma: Hello, Auntie Elinor! Are you talking about me?
Elinor: Hi, sweetie! How are you? Such a big girl!
Emma: Where is Lizzy?
Jane: As I told you, Elinor...

Elinor: Lizzy is with her brothers and your granny. Uncle John and me went shopping and they couldn't go with us.
Emma: But they could come here instead.
Elinor: Next time, maybe. Is that all right?
Jane: We all will meet at Christmas, also, Emma. And maybe Auntie let Lizzy come and sleep here a night or two before that.
Elinor: Sure. It is a brilliant idea! She will be happy.
Emma: Hurray!

Elinor: Emma, sweetheart, please, go and tell Uncle John to come. We need to go home. And you have to celebrate the second Sunday of Advent.
Emma: Okay, Auntie! Give this kiss to Lizzy!

Elinor: Thanks for inviting Lizzy.
Jane: I just don't know why I didn't invite her before.
Elinor: You had many things to do. Moving and renewing the house... So thank you.
Jane: Call me and we can decide the right days.

John and Elinor said goodbye and Charles came into the kitchen.They all sat down and huddled together.

They lit the second candle called 'Hope'. Jane could never feel such peace.

Charles gave a big kiss to her forehead.
Jane: Had you good time with John?
Charles: Yes, we had. He is a great guy. And loves you very much. I can imagine how good father he is.
Jane: He became 'father' when our Dad died. He was just 18 years old.
Charles: It could be hard. So you were just about 13 yeard old.
Jane: Yes, 13.
Charles: My poor little thing. Come closer, let me warm you up. I will always be here for you.
And he kissed her again.

Befor going to bed Charles got an idea and took out his mobile phone. 
Charles: Look! This will be our first family selfie foursome! Everyone smile! You also, little baby there in the belly!
Jane and Emma laughed out loud. 

To be continued!... :)

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  1. Cute story! Nice to see Elinor and John again! Love your little advent wreath!

  2. Nagyon tetszik, kellemes ünnepeket. Ici picit csalódott vagyok, mert még sokat kell várni az esküvőre, de mindennek eljön a maga ideje remélem.

    1. Szia! Köszönöm a kedves szavakat, és a csalódottságod is megértem :) valójában a halasztásnak van egy-két prózai oka is: kitaláltam a megfelelő karaktereket Charles szüleinek, de sajnos egy darabig még nem tudom megvenni őket :( próbáltam más babákat is nézegetni, de a kitaláltak annyira a szívemhez nőttek titokban, hogy nem lenne jó helyettesíteni őket :)
      Meg aztán azt is remélem, hogy az esküvőhöz sok minden mást is be tudok addig szerezni, így tényleg szép lesz majd ;)

  3. Ó, de szépek így együtt! Imádom Jane kötött kabátját, annyira jól áll neki. :)

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! A kötött holmik anyukám keze alól kerültek ki :)

  4. Hello from Spain: Beautifully decorated Advent. Nice family reunion. Keep in touch