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Two Years

After  a few very busy week, finally Jane had a calm Saturday morning. She decided to read one of her favorite books. 

She could read just the first sentence, when Emma ran into the living room.
Emma: Where is Chazzie?
Jane: He went shopping. Why do you ask?
Emma: It is a... Nothing.
Jane: He will be home soon and you can see what he got for you.
Emma: Okay. Please tell him that I am in my room.
Jane: All right!

Jane thought Emma is a bit fanciful today but returned to reading.

After a few more sentences she heard the sound of their new car: Charles has arrived. She also heard him rattle in the kitchen, before he came in.
Charles: Hello Darling!
Jane: Hello! Managed to buy everything in the store?
Charles:  Sure! What are you doing?

Jane: I tried to read a book, but I think I rather quit.

Charles: Darling, do you know what day is it?
Jane: What day? My God, did I forget something?
Charles: Maybe...

He turned and shouted the other room: Emma! Come in, please!
Jane: What?...

In that moment, Emma came in with a huge bunch of flowers. Emma gave the bunch to Charles, and they winked at each another. 
Jane: Oh, my goodness!!
Charles: Happy second anniversary! 
Jane: Thank you, Dear... Oh, I am so sorry that I totally forgot this date...

Charles: Never mind.
Jane: You are both so sweet. How did Emma know?...

Charles: To tell the truth I ducked when I ordered the flowers. Then I thought she can help me to keep the secret. 

Emma: I was clever! Didn't tell you the surprise!
Jane: Really, very clever! I didn't suspect anything. 
Charles: So, Emma, you can go now. I brought you some chocolate, you can find it in the kitchen.
Emma: Okay! Thank you, Chazzie!
Charles gave a kiss to Emma's cheek, and whispered something in her ear. Emma laughed and ran into the kitchen. 

Jane: I am sorry that I didn't give you anything...
Charles: Not a problem. You can still give me something.

Jane: What do you mean? Can I do anything for you...
Charles: In this moment, yes.
Jane: Can I make you some special breakfast?

Charles: No. I want something else.
Jane: Your voice sounds so serious now...
Charles: Definitely it is because I am serious...
Jane: I still don't understand...

Charles: Jane... The one that I would like to receive from you... Just a word... Will you marry me, Janey? 

Jane could not breath for a moment. But then, when she realized that she is awake...
Jane: YES!!! Yes, yes, yes...

After a long, long kiss, Charles strongly hugged her. 

Charles: I love you, Janey! From the first time I saw you two years ago. For a while last year, we both had hard days because of my fear... But now I feel that I was never so sure of anything that want you to marry me. I want children of my own with you, grow old with you, always feel you by my side.

Jane almost cried: My dear, my love! I am the luckiest woman in the world! I love you so much! With you, my life became calm and safe. You are my strenght and happiness. 

They laughed and wept, they whispered loving words and gave long hugs and kisses each other. 
Later, they called Emma in, and Jane told her the great news. Maybe Emma didn't know exactly what a marriage means but she was happy to hear that her mommy will be a bride in white dress soon, and Chazzy is her fiancé.

Emma: And me? What will I be?
Jane: You will be my sweet bridesmaid. Do you want?
Emma: Yeeeeees!! Can I call Granny and tell her to make me a dress?
Jane: We will call her later, or go to her, but please, till then let it be a surprise.
Emma: Okay, Mommy. 

Before leave them two, Emma made some photos with Jane's mobile phone, and this time there were some very good pictures:

Charles: Are you all right?
Jane: Yes, just... maybe I stood up too suddenly.  
Charles: Babe, you are shaking. Now, I think we should have some breakfast...
Jane: Good idea... I've just recognized that I am starving.
Charles: I make you something delicious quickly.
Jane: Thank you, dear.

Then they spent the day with relaxing, talking and planning a lot.

They both felt that they just began a new chapter of their life, reached a whole new level, and that made them very happy.

To be continued... :)


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  1. Very sweet story. Congrats to Jane, Charles and Emma! They will soon be one big happy family!

    1. Thank You, Phyllis! :) I am glad You liked this story :)

  2. Awwww. Congrats to the happy couple. Chazzie is a sweetheart. Jane deserves it. Great story.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! Yes, she does :)
      This was the firts time my daughter also enjoyed taking photographs, after my work she made her own pictures of Jane and Chazzie :) It was so much fun :) I think she will make her own stories once and so good to see that we can share our hobby with each other :)

  3. Imádom a történetet, most is szép kis meglepetés kerekedett erre a reggelre. Emma tüneményes. Alig várom már az esküvő pillanatát.

  4. Hello from Spain: Congratulations to this couple for the two years together. Nice and family photos. I like the necklace with the key. Keep in touch