2014. március 15., szombat

Barbie And What She Can Teach Us

I am sorry I haven't been there for a long time - I was extremly busy because of my work.

Before I would continue my stories let me show You some opinions about what we Barbie doll fans and bloggers think about this toy icon.

You can read some important thoughts there on Fricskamacska's blog, there on Vic's site and there on Boróka's page - what I totally agree but don't want to repeate because my fellow bloggers explained it better I think (but You can also read my own comments below).

And today, searching for new blogs, I have found a really touching story under the title:

What Barbie Taught Me. What did she teach you?

Let me quote some sentences from this site:

"It is sad for me today to think that if Barbie were a real woman, she would be obsessing about food and diets.

While Barbie is a huge part of the illusion we girls were sold about having to look a certain way, at the time that illusion did me more good than not, as it was my healthy escape from an abusive home life.

Today I am grateful I had those reprieves in my childhood. I’m not sure where I would be today if I had had nothing to feel excited about. My Dream Barbie did distort my body image, but in other ways, she saved my life."

Please, take a look.
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  1. Welcome back. I love your new background. Wow, that was a powerful story. Child abuse is so devastating. I think Barbie has done more good than harm. Think of all the thousands of people she is still bringing joy to. I don't think Barbie affected my body image. What she did do for me is help me be more creative. It is through my dolls that I have stretched my creativity. Thanks for sharing the article.