2013. december 24., kedd

Christmas Morning

It was the morning of 24th December. Emma woke up early, and ran into the living room to see the Christmas tree. Her mother, Jane and Charles were already there. 

Jane: Good morning, Sweetheart!
Charles: Hello, Princess!
Emma: Hello! Have you seen Santa?
Jane: Look at the tree, Honey.

Emma discovered some boxes under the Christmas tree.

Emma: Whoooooo... Santa was there, Santa was there!!

Emma: He brought me a baby buggy!!

Charles: Look at this little critter.
Emma: Gee! A kittyyyyyy!!!!
Jane: Oh, a new addition to our tiny Sylvanian Families collection! So cute! Thank You, Charles!

Jane: I wonder what is in this package?
Emma: Let me, let me!

Emma: Ooooh...
Jane: A princess outfit! Would you like to try on?
Emma: Yeeeeeees!! Thank you, Mommy!

Jane: Now, it is your turn. Merry Christmas, Dear.
Charles: Wow, thank you!

Charles: Did you see me watching this in the shop, didn't you?
Jane: When we bought the gifts for Mom, yes. Do you like it?

Charles: Yes, absolutely! I almost bought it then, but hesitated so much and we had to leave the shop.

Charles: And what is this?
Jane: It is Chinese tea for your new teapot to try. It is Pu-Erh from Yunnan, "the land of eternal spring". It is red tea and very healthy.
Charles:  Wow, that sounds great. I will make us with a pot after the breakfast.

Jane: Wait, this is another one, from me, with love.
Charles: Thank you!

Jane: I thought they will be good for your living room.
Charles: Perfect, I like them. The colours will fit very well.

Charles: It is my turn now. Merry Christmas, Honey.
Jane: What a beautiful chair! And old! I love it!
Charles: For your bedroom. (laughing) We are real interior designers, aren't we?

Jane: Thank you so much!
Charles: I love you, Jane. Merry Christmas!

Emma: What are you doing here?
Charles: How about a delicious Christmas breakfast, Princess?
Emma: Hurray!
Jane: It sounds great. Let's go.

Merry Christmas, Everyone! :)

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  1. Tündériek együtt, és a kis ajándékok is! :-) Nagyon Boldog Karácsonyt kívánok én is Neked, és Nekik is! :-)

    1. Köszönjük szépen! :) Boldog Karácsonyt! :)

  2. Nagyon szépek a fotók! Boldog karácsonyt!

    1. Köszönöm szépen! Immár BÚÉK! :))

  3. Hello from Spain: Pretty Christmas morning. Many gifts. I like your photos. Shelly is very cute. Merry Christmas

    1. Ezt a megjegyzést eltávolította a szerző.

    2. Thanks a lot, Marta! Happy New Year! :)

  4. Boldog karácsonyt!!! És az ici-pici kis holmik! Fú, teljesen kész vagyok tőlük. :)

  5. Hola, me encanto el sillon, ¿lo hiciste tu? Bonito post. Bonitos dias.:-)

    1. Hola, thank You so much! The couch is handmade, it was really easy to make, I like this material very much. :)

      Feliz año nuevo! :)

  6. Merry belated Christmas. I love this post. That little tree is perfect with the gifts. That little buggy is so precious.

    1. Thank You, Vanessa! The little buggy is a Sylvanian Families accesorie :)
      I wish You a prosperous and happy New Year!!