2018. január 21., vasárnap

Winter Fun

Finally, it is snowing in Rosemary Hill. After lunch the little family went outside with Hercule, the old dachshund (they had a golden retriever, too, but he disappeared on a sad sad day).

They carried a small sled - the two girls hardly got enough room on it. 'Next year we need a bigger one' - thought Jane.

Emma had a hard job balancing while April sat in her lap.
Emma: Rilly, you are too heavy!...

Then they built a snowman.
Emma changed her voice: 'Hi, my name is Olaf and I like warm hugs!' - and her little sis started to laugh.

April tried to help but the snow was sooo coooold...

Jane made a snow angel:

Emma had an idea: 'Snow battle!! I am with April and Mommy, you are with Chazzie!' But soon she had to realize that April is not her little helper...

Jane tried to throw the snowball to Emma but... he got Charles! 'Oh, I am so sorry...' - but she couldn't stop laughing.


Charles: 'Okay, it is a war now' The adults started a big battle.

A snowball was found on Jane's face. She fell on the snow, and Charles ran to her. 'Is everything all right?'

Jane: Oh, yes, no problem... Just have something for you...
So Charles had to defend himself again.

Emma was bored so she decided to escape from her sister who always followed her everywhere. 

Emma: Don't follow me, Rilly! Play with Hercule now!
Poor April didn't know why...


Emma went sledding alone. She enjoyed it more than with her little sis. But suddenly, April was on her way again! Emma couldn't do too much with the situation so both of them fell onto the big, soft snow.

Emma: Are you all right, April?
She was fine but wanted just Mommy and to go home now.

Jane: All right girls, everyone is tired now. April has to have a nap. Go home, munchkins. Hercule, you too!

And the good old Hercule ran to lead the way home.

To be continued... :)

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  1. Imádni való család, remek délutáni szórakozás. Annyira jól sikerült, mintha egy igazi emberek élveznék a hóban töltött délutánt.

  2. April is familiar! Nice to see her again.

    1. Thank You, Tam! I love her very much! Those freckles... :D <3

  3. Jajj de jó, hogy ti is mókáztatok a hóban! Remek program. Szuper fotók készültek, már többször megnézegettem! A gyerekek nagyon cukik!

    1. Köszönöm szépen!! Örülök, hogy tetszik!! :) Nekem is nagyon tetszett Lénáék kalandja :*

  4. A cute story! The children are obviously having fun! The snow angel pictures are awesome and I love the snowman :-).